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OLOGY Science publisher has evolved from the word "Branch of knowledge", devoted to provide classical scientific communication platform to the educational and professional science and healthcare communities worldwide. OLOGY Science is a scientific publisher who is interest in of publishing journals, books and magazines of all related fields of Science, Medicine and Technology. We understand the role of publication and with passion to provide more resources to the researchers around the globe, initiated an OLOGY Science. Our primary objective is to provide a new platform to the researchers to share current developments and update the current knowledge to make the human livelihood better. We would like to bring scientists, clinicians and academicians to share their research and views in our journals and magazines by which we may provide new path to the next generation researchers.

Article Types

The scientific publication is classified into different categories, but the basic structure of a scientific paper should be summarized as Introduction Methods Results And Discussion.

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Peer Review

Advances in science and medicine are news headlines and public discussions in these days. There are plenty enough organizations that are promoting and discussing science and research like societies..

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OLOGY Group intended to bring together all researchers and clinicians those who have NanoMedicine as primary interest to make healthier livelihood. Therefore, we encourage researchers..

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Edward P.C. Lai

Edward P.C. Lai
Department of Chemistry
Carleton University

Billy K. Huh

Billy K. Huh
Professor, Department of Pain Medicine
The University of Texas

Toru Ouchi

Toru Ouchi
Professor of Oncology Department of Cancer Genetics Roswell Park Cancer Institute USA

Paul Zarogoulidis

Paul Zarogoulidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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